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Individuals are on the verge of a digital transformation that will forever change how real-world companies operate.
Learn more about visitor behavior, gain valuable insights, and communicate with them in real-time.


Intelligent Marketing

Imagine that we could create relevant, personal, desirable and fun digital experiences for visitors.

Physical World, Digital or both?

Bring the KPIs of the digital world to the physical, transform data into experience and make your visitor’s journey much more interesting.


WideIntelligence - an analytics and communication platform

WideIntelligence is a cloud platform that enables physical spaces with tools to connect, meet and interact with your visitors and integrate that data with their existing digital systems. We introduce a new form of engagement and market intelligence by presence analytics over WiFi. Simply put, we make the physical spaces more exciting for each visitor and we maximize the Return on Investment for your environment.


Connect with your visitors

Provide internet access for your visitors! From the moment they enter your space, access and register on your WiFi, you can communicate with them knowing they are present in reat-time or schedule a communication to bring a visitor who has not visited for some time.


Understand the behavior of your audience

Even before your visitor connects to your WIFi, it is already possible to know anonymously many of their visitor habits. Understand the behavior of this visitor, build Data-Driven Presence Profiles such as passerbys, visitation, dwell time, and discover information that can easily become actions.


Engage and communicate in real-time

Engage your visitors in real-time with activation campaigns, promotions, or messages via SMS, Email and App Notifications that can be integrated. Add value to your image and create moments communicate with your visitors with unique content.


Integrate physical and digital data

Integrate WideIntelligence presence analytics data with contextualized management data from other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM or any other source of data enrichment information that you already have. Create new integrated data sources to drive more value to your database and new possibilities to your campaigns, visitor loyalty, CRM and marketing.

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We are continually digitalizing the world around us and impacting business. Get to know some of the segments that we can work with and find out why you should join us in our journey.


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We use high-tech WiFi hardware capable of scanning physical environments by bringing indicators from the digital world to the physical, ensuring high connectivity rate to visitors.

Analytics and Big Data

Analytics and Big Data have transformed the physical environments in a fantastic way, giving a new 360º vision, allowing companies and entities to know fully and in depth their client and how their day works. That creates loyalty.


We connect our data source with any other to integrate different sources of information and data enrichment.

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Right now you have no idea of who’s in your location because you have no way of tracking that. Get to know your consumer base and convert them into customers. Create a direct communication channel and database to provide you with strategic information about your physical space.

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